The mission statement of wtC is creating more value for less money through sourcing in China. Building up a partnership with our customer by offering full service and share saving targets is our strategy.

Company profile

wtC was established in 2011.

We are professional in finding reliable sources in China and securing the purchasing process for Western Companies.

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Why wTC

There are 4 mean reasons why we are your preferred partner to source in China:

- Cooperation method
- United Incentives
- Unprejudiced Approach
- Time Awareness

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Sourcing procedure

- Sourcing
- Expediting
- Sourcing Procedure
- Expediting Procedure

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Succesful case

Due to tough competition and as a part of their marketing strategy, a world famous toys manufacturer in Europe (TM) defined some target products to start a sourcing project from China.

The packaging products were pointed out to be a test-case.

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Successfully purchased

Industrial filtration : Filter caps, cartridge, housing, media, Flanges and Pipes, Valves, Wire mesh, Center cores

Power tools / Hardware : Bolts, Nuts, Clamps, Screwdrivers, Wrenches;

Textile Related Products : Bathrobes, Towels, Furniture covers, Hand gloves, Clothing

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Possible approach

Together with the customer, a tailor made approach for the sourcing process of our customer is designed.

- Preliminary
- Sourcing Process
- Ordering Process
- Quality Inspections
- Conditions

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