Why wtC

There are 4 mean reasons to choose us as your preferred sourcing partner in China:

Cooperation method

wtC is the extended procurement desk of the customer in China. We consider ourselves as your colleagues in China and would like to share all procurement information with you. We are open and inform you on a frequent basis through reporting (by email reports and conference calls). We accept assignments on a project basis and are firm to achieve the targets and milestones that have been agreed before.

United Incentives

We aim for the very same targets as you: bringing in savings and getting reliable quality and delivery. If your targets have been achieved, our job is accomplished as well. We would like to challenge you on higher targets and other assigments.

Unprejudiced Approach

wtC has no specific connection with any Chinese suppliers. We are operating as consultants and are not representing any Chinese supplier. We are independent and establish a supplier base solely to reach the targets of the customer. Only if suppliers of previous sourcing projects would meet the customer's selection criteria, they could be taken into the shortlist.

Time Awareness

wtC commits to the assignment on a project basis. Our job is organized in a way that we can achieve the deadlines. Since considerable savings can be achieved, we are fully aware of the time pressure. Your target is our target!

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