Company profile

wtC (way to China) was established in 2011. We are professionals in finding reliable suppliers in China and/or securing the purchasing process for Western Companies. We have a very long and wide experience in purchasing and we are very familiar with Chinese culture; our staff is native speaking and has a long experience in export. With a experienced liaison office in Europe, we are a very strong and proactive partner for you in finding suitable suppliers and securing your business in China.

The mission statement of wtC is creating more value for less money through sourcing and expediting in China. Building up a partnership with our customer by offering full service and share saving targets is our strategy.

With an office in Shanghai and in Europe, wtC builds a bridge between the different cultures in China and Western countries. In this way, the quality-oriented approach of Western Companies and the low cost and production focused policy of the Chinese Manufacturers can be combined and grant the competitive advantages of doing business in the Far East. The knowledge of the language, the logistic infrastructure, legal matters and local habits in both continents will allow a fast take off of your sourcing project in China. wtC is your extended procurement desk in China that will accomplish your assignment according to qualified purchasing procedures in order to reach your saving targets.

At present, a staff of senior purchasing officers is employed in our offices at Shanghai. All staffmembers have an academic degree and are highly qualified. In this way a professional approach of your sourcing and/or expediting projects is guaranteed and transparency is offered. Within a fixed timeframe, we will guide you through your sourcing process. Together with our staff, you will be in the drivers’ seat and will decide upon all major issues and milestones of the process. You will be involved in your own success of sourcing in China.

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